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Off-Site Locations

On location school seminars/week long residency


Phoenix Fire will come to you! Our school programs are designed to encourage students to find their own voice, to be strong in body posture and show confidence in any situation. We practice physical techniques using the proper equipment but we also highlight the importance to walking away.

Our program is designed with school attributes in mind. We build on bringing out the self-esteme within each student, we talk about being aware of one's surroundings and getting out of danger before danger is imminent. 

Martial Arts and Self-defense is NOT just about kicking and punching, its about preventative actions and awareness. 

To learn more or inquire about setting up a day seminar or week long residence please select learn more. 

On site work seminars/team building self defense workshops


Are you looking for your next team building exercise with your employees? Trying to figure out how they can connect? Are you looking to build confidence in your team? 

Phoenix Fire is your answer! Set up a seminar today. We will come to your office and provide an interactive experience that will leave your employees feeling empowered, energized and strong. We cover topics such as situational awareness, body positioning, confidence and of course physical techniques to keep oneself safe.


This seminar is a fun and active way to bring your team together, learn something new, expand on what self-defense is and make some lasting memories. 


Click below to inquire about schedule and pricing.

Private lessons


Phoenix Fire offers private lessons in the comfort of your home or office. Fully insured and ready to teach. Private lessons can consist of simple self-defense techniques through learning and testing in Shotokan Karate. As long as we have a space available big enough to more around within, we can rock it! 

Please click below to inquire about rates and availability.

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