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Memorial School End of The Year Class

Phoenix Fire Martial Arts is presenting In home, Virtual training classes! During this time, when everything seems to be up in the air, I want to offer a little bit of balance of fun, karate and focus to your day! Join me in training in basic karate and fitness class!

Please remember, while these. classes are designed to be easy and fun, I want to remind you to be safe and use caution when ever possible during these at home exercises. You are practicing at your own risk. Please modify any activity to meet your needs or the constraints of your space!!

Karate Class 2

Karate Story Time! 

In Home Training

Sarah-Beth​ Gosselin
2 Weeks of FREE On-line in home Karate and Fitness
Classes are open to all ages! Kids and Parents, please do what you can, be active, be safe!

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