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Self-Defense Workshop 
This workshop includes

 - Learn about situational awareness
 - Keep your loved ones safe
 - Protecting your Family
 -No experience needed!
 - Self-defense: not just physical but mental as well!
Moshe Katz
​ Krav Maga Master Instructor
Sensei Sarah-Beth​ Gosselin
In School Week-Long Artist in Residency
This residency includes discussions about
 - breaking through our fears
 - Being the best version of ourselves
 - peaceful conflict resolution
 - Believing in ourselves
 - Focus and Determination
 - Self-defense: not just physical but mental as well!

Phoenix Fire Martial Arts is presenting a week-long in class hands on program to help build the confidence, self-esteem and can-do attitudes at your school!

The week long seminar will conclude with a full school assembly where all the week long lessons will come together, and students and teachers may share some stories and progress. This residency is a must have experience for your school!

I am an expert in building self-confidence, overcoming self-esteem and self-doubt. I was a child that grew up being bullied and thought that that was just a normal day to day thing. I grew up believing what the other kids said and thought of me, until I learned the real truth. MY TRUTH! That I am worthy, I am strong, beautiful and capable of amazing things. And you are too!

Let me share my wisdom and success with your students and they too can feel empowered with in their own strengths and see their own value and self-worth! Together, we can rise up and make a difference!

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