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Sarah-Beth has been an amazing inspiration and mentor to my son. He started off at age three, sitting outside the Dojo afraid to go in. He is now working his way to earning his third belt thanks to her encouragement and strength building techniques. She is an amazing instructor and we are very thankful to be able to train with her!

                    - Krista

Phoenix Fire Martal Arts

We thoroughly enjoyed our week long residency working with Sensei Sarah-

Beth. The program would be an asset to any school. She was very dependable and

incredibly hard-working. The students in every grade level were able to have two

classes and a final performance with the entire school. The philosophy of teaching that the program embodies aligns nicely with our school values and work study practices. The students got much more than a week of kicking and karate physical instruction. They were able to demonstrate great focus, respect, discipline, and confidence while working with the instructors. The inclusion of this Karate residency into our physical education program was simply amazing. There was also a great focus on self-defense, which was new and engaging for our students. It was a pleasurable experience for everyone involved, and we would highly recommend any school invite Phoenix Fire Martial Arts into their school.


Jaclyn McNamara

Health & PE teacher

Memorial School SAU 17

I have been training with Sarah-Beth for a while now, relearning a lot of the Krav Maga that I had practised years ago, and have enjoyed it a lot. I have learned some new things and reviewed much of what I had learned. It’s a great class and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun workout or looking to learn to defend oneself.

                  -  James H

Sarah-Beth has instructed my sons in the martial arts for nearly four years.  She is intuitive, encouraging, energetic, positive and fun.  She is able to keenly recognize a person’s strengths and provide them with direct guidance to overcome obstacles in their training.  No doubt that Sarah-Beth will help you reach a higher level of physical and spiritual fitness.


Fingers crossed/prayer hands to you Sarah-Beth!




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